Our Story

Italia Innovation was founded in Verona by Marco Mari and Carlotta Borruto, both at the age of 26.
With the goal to open the conversation on the future of Italian economy and society to new generations and international stakeholders, Italia Innovation (previously named legalPAD and Innovation Foundries) developed in 4 years initiatives related to education and new ventures creation.

Corporate Partnership

Our partnership with companies is often extended to follow-up projects, where we offer an entrepreneurial approach in merging the corporate know-how with and an international network of talents, professionals and partners.

1 - International Business Development
We work alongside companies to improve their globalization, from the internationalization of their organizations to the start-up of new markets, products and services.

2 - UX Design
We collect world-class expertise within the business, technology and design world to enhance the usability of Italian products for different markets and audiences.

3 - Digital Infrastructure
We introduce companies to emerging technologies scouted in the most dynamic global innovation districts. We then help companies acquire new skills to design and manage innovative productive and business models.

The Founders Fund

Since its inception, Italia Innovation combines for profit initiatives with non-profit ones.
While corporate partnerships and new ventures creation are modelled to produce profit margins, those are massively reinvested every year in scholarships and fellowships to bring international talents in Italy.