Marco Mari

Executive Director

Marco is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Italia Innovation, focusing on the research and corporate development chapter.
Marco is always on the lookout for the next opportunity to carry on the heritage and craftsmanship of Italian manufacturing.
Marco studied Law at University of Padova before realizing his entreprenurial spirit was calling and he struck out on his own to start his own business.

Carlotta Borruto

Executive Director

Carlotta is the co-founder and Executive Director of Italia Innovation, with a focus on the educational chapter of the company.
Carlotta is the driving force behind Italia Innovation’s educational programs and dedicates herself to development of learning experiences.
She has a master’s degree in General Management from Bocconi University and a bachelor’s degree in Economics for Arts and Culture.

Caroline DeSantis

Editorial Lead and Admission Officer

Caroline specializes in using her deep understanding of visual communication and history to be Italia Innovation’s communication master. As an art history expert, Caroline is convinced that every message should be communicated with intent and deliberation to create optimal communication.
Graduating from Georgetown University, she took part in the Italia Innovation Program in 2016 and then joined the organization to lead its communication strategy.

Chiara Guiotto

Production Manager and Alumni Officer

During her academic studies she started her career in marketing and management first working in Munich at a research institute, then in London with a startup and lately on a CSR project for Cattolica Assicurazioni focusing on professional innovation and soft skills development programs.