We believe in the power of genius loci, in a geolocated knowledge which is based and inspired by the surroundings of our actions. Italy has a rich cultural history and entrepreneurial heritage, so it is the place where global young generations can design the future of human-centered industries. As methodology, we think that when people are immersed in an environment that fosters entrepreneurship and stimulates creativity, they feel empowered and commit to achieving big goals. Therefore we adopt an experimental and practical approach to experience the present, striving for a constant discussion and interaction with thought leaders around the world, bringing together a multitude of perspectives.



We think that new generations have the big responsibility, and the great opportunity, to breed the change for a better, juster society and a more meaningful way of doing business. To deliver human-centered solutions to the world's highest challenges, simplicity and elegance are mandatory languages. Italian innovators marked history with their simple and elegant creations. Now, a global common ground is needed to transfer this approach beyond manufacturing and towards politics and society.



Creativity ignites innovation and the crossing between technology and human sciences is where the best ideas emerge. Italy hosted a multitude of renaissances across its own history and the time is ready for a new one. New ventures within the design, fashion, food and wine, healthcare and, more broadly, the manufacturing sector can be ignited by the digital and global mindset. In this creation, Italy is to be the place by which the world is to be inspired, and the world is the context in which Italy should stage its future.



Globalization implies not only global markets but also global organizations. Through the mixing of international experiences and best practices, Italy can discover and unlock its own growth potential. By investing in new approaches rather than revamping self-referential business practices and focusing the attention on the future of the industries rather than its actors, Italy can accomplish this.