A New Venture: California Innovation

February 15, 2019

Establishing California Innovation, our founders are expanding their entrepreneurial project beyond Italy to establish a presence in manufacturing clusters characterized by the quest for simplicity, beauty and functionality.

Right after the Italia Innovation Programs, this summer California Innovation will kick-off its founding program, by locally questioning the purpose of change and building a common thread with the programs and projects of Italia Innovation.

Below you can read a message from our founders.

Dear Friends,
this note is to share with you an important step for our project.

In the past 5 years, working every day at Italia Innovation, we focused our entrepreneurial discovery in understanding the value of the so-called “Made in Italy” for the world.

Through the eyes of all the Alumni and Professors we've been lucky to work with, we realized that what contributed to making the value creation of our native country unique is the adoption of sophisticated values embedded in the humanistic culture, rather than a mere geographical belonging.

To us, this values can be synthesized in three key words: simplicity, elegance and functionality.
Focusing on these values, we’ve crossed paths with entrepreneurs from all over the world, discovering the existence of a shared common agenda for value production.

To better investigate the future of these values, and the evolution of its underlying humanistic approach, we have decided to broaden our horizon. And so, rebooting our educational and new ventures ecosystem, this year we are launching California Innovation.

Starting from an innovation program, just as we did in Italy, this summer we will share with a group of selected international students a journey throughout California to discover the stories of innovative manufacturers that every day strive to create the best products in their industries.

Globally recognized as a digital tech outpost, California is also the State responsible for the largest manufacturing output in the US. Today, it is experiencing an artisanal Manufacturing Renaissance in sectors like food, wine, textile and industrial design. As people in the Golden State turn their attention to these sectors, they are bringing the same progressive spirit that they brought to tech radically changing the dynamics in these otherwise traditional industries.

If you're interested in following this new adventure, you can find more information at California Innovation Website and on our social pages on LinkedIn and Instagram.

We're really looking forward to sharing this new chapter with you!
Marco and Carlotta