Applications for the 2019 Summer Programs are now open

January 04, 2019

To continue shifting the focus from “Made in Italy” to “Made by Italy,” this summer in Verona, Italia Innovation will host two programs where international students come to explore the future value creation of a land with a rich cultural history, pervasive beauty and entrepreneurial heritage.

During Excellence at Scale (3 - 21 June 2019) a group of multidisciplinary students will investigate how companies in fields of food, wine, industrial design, textile and fashion have been able to sustain superior quality while growing into global icons. While Excellence at Scale looks into how companies grow, Meaningful Companies (24 June - 12 July 2019) looks at how enterprises continue to bring their founders’ visions to life. The students of this program will explore the foundations of Italy’s multi-generational family businesses to understand how long-term investments in sustainable development strengthen innovation.

Throughout each three-week journey, world-class thought leaders and business veterans will bridge theory and practice to build insights about the opportunity spaces for “Made by Italy” industries. The maestri during Excellence at Scale include Riccardo Illy, revolutionary food entrepreneur and civil servant, Hermann Simon, one of the world’s most influential management thinkers and a pioneer researcher in the fields of strategy and marketing, and Marina Puricelli, Professor of Leadership Organization and Human Resources at Bocconi University. During Meaningful Companies there will be Debra Dunn, Co-Founder of the FEED Collaborative at Stanford University and a previously distinguished senior executive for large-scale change and positive social impact at Hewlett Packard, Daniel Van Der Vliet, Executive Director of the Smith Family Business Initiative at Cornell University, and Vincent Stanley and Nora Gallagher, senior executives from Patagonia Inc. During both programs John Bruce, Professor of Strategic Design and Management at Parsons School of Design, will lead strategic design activities to transform the program learnings into action through real project work curated by Italia Innovation.

This will be Italia Innovation’s sixth summer hosting innovation programs. The two programs’ topics have developed as Italia Innovation explored Italy’s maker culture for six years. Creating Excellence at Scale and Meaningful Companies are not only what Italy excels at, but also are the opportunity spaces for the country’s industries to innovate. Through access to companies, real projects and conversations with Italian managers and entrepreneurs, the program offers a unique lens through which to look at Italy. As the students come to embark on projects at the intersection between research, education and practice, they have the opportunity to participate in the future of Italian industries.