Applications for the 2019 Winter Program are now open

September 24, 2018

This winter Italia Innovation will lead 25 selected international students through a journey in the heart of Italy to discover the stories of Italian entrepreneurs that every day strive to create the best products in their industries. The two week experience from 7th January 2019 to 18th January 2019 will be the second iteration of the Disruptive Quality program, which looks at how quality can be not only a standard to reach, but also a factor of disruption.

Riccardo Illy will again lead the concept built around the learnings and dreams of his lifelong entrepreneurial career that features an uncompromised quest for quality and beauty. He will bridge theory and practice through company visits, case studies, and conversations with Italian managers and entrepreneurs. Together with Illy, John Bruce from Parsons School of Design will guide students through strategic design activities to discover opportunity spaces for creative intervention to create new dimensions of quality. Through these two maestri’s combined expertises, the program will be a profound opportunity to not only see Italian manufacturing at its best, but also have a platform to participate in its future.

As the 2018 Summer Disruptive Quality program confirmed, since quality is the cornerstone of many Italian companies, disruptive quality is the lens through which to look at their futures. Also, as a subject at the intersection between technology and beauty that touches multiple facets of many industries, it holds a lot of influence for students. In the quest to shift the focus from the place where we make to the reason why we make, Italia Innovation is thrilled to expose another group of 25 students to this beautiful concept that will inform their entrepreneurial visions to engineer companies that will disrupt industries through exceptional quality.

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