Extended Application Deadline for Summer Programs

April 06, 2018

We’re embarking on our biggest summer to date exploring four big innovation topics in Italy with a world-class roster of academic directors, an iconic group of Italian companies, and four classes of young entrepreneurial spirits. Amazed by the number of outstanding applications we received at the very end of the application period, we have decided to add additional spots to the program classes, as well as extend the deadline both for admission and financial aid applications to April 30, 2018.

As the application process has progressed, it has been inspiring to read and hear about the enthusiasm international youth have for exploring our country’s manufacturing know-how and learn how to produce innovation within its complexity. Our classes will be made up of students from top universities like Stanford, Harvard, Science Po, and LSE who study everything from business to product design. We cannot wait to introduce more young talents to our ecosystem of creation and see how we can build up a culture of innovation in Italy and beyond.