Open Innovation in Georgetown University

March 14, 2018

This is the third year The Georgetown University Italian Research Institute, in partnership with the Italia Innovation Program is sponsoring a full day Student-Centered Workshop on Innovative Solutions to Business Challenges. This is an exciting program which brings to campus well-known and established Italian companies and serves as a bridge between business and academia. Last spring, four students were awarded, on a rotating basis, paid internships with Eni, S.p.A. and Domori offered a 10-week fellowship in Italy to further develop their proposed solution. The award included accommodations, meals and local transportation.

This year during this one-day event, the top management of Italian iconic companies, Eni, S.p.A and Zordan will present students with an outline of the area the company is seeking innovative input and present the students with a challenge that implies their creative participation.

Eni, the Italian multinational oil and gas company headquartered in Rome with an office in Washington, DC. is once again participating in the event. Eni has operations in 80 countries and is currently the world's 6th most relevant oil and gas international company. Eni will present a challenge related to “How new energy resources - like old ones - can influence the world's industrial, economic and political structure"

Zordan, founded in 1965 by Attilio Zordan, is a luxury family business that manufactures furnishings for the stores of the best-known brands and for private luxury homes. Zordan has built an international reputation as a partner for high-end interior design projects. Zordan will present a challenge related to “Its activities in USA and its controlled Company in Michigan, Woodways.”

The registered students, divided into small groups, will work together to develop a proposal for a solution. At the end of the day the Eni and Zordan winning teams will be offered paid internships. The Eni internships will start in January 2019 to allow students from last year’s winning team to complete the internship cycle.