Francesca Molteni

A philosophy graduate who specialized in Film Production at New York University.
A director and author of programs for TV networks, in 2009 she founded the “Muse Factory of Projects”.
She devises publishing and multimedia projects, documentaries, installations.
Among the projects to take place at the Salone del Mobile: “Design Dance”, a show staged at Milan’s Teatro dell’Arte, and “Un bagno di stelle”, a videoinstallation at the Milan Planetarium.
She collaborates with “Sole24Ore” on its Sunday supplement, Domenicale; she has received the President of the Republic’s “Premio dei Premi” [Award of Awards] for Innovation, for the QallaM project, and the Cathay Pacific Award for female entrepreneurship.
In 2014 she curated with Davide Pizzigoni Dove vivono gli architetti – Where Architects Live, for the 2014 Salone del Mobile Milano, a 2,000 sqm exhibition-installation illustrating the houses of 8 world-class architects.