Luca Marzotto

CEO, Zignago Holding
Participated in: 2014 Summer General Program

Mr. Luca Marzotto has been the Chief Executive Officer of Industrie Zignago Santa Margherita SpA (Zignago Holding SpA) since September 27, 2005. Mr. Marzotto served as the Chief Executive Officer of Santa Margherita SpA since September 30, 2005. He served as Vice-Chairman of Santa Margherita SpA since September 30, 2005. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of Zignago Holding S.p.A. since May 10, 2007. Since 1995, he has worked in companies belonging to the Marzotto family. He has been the Chairman of Zignago Power Srl and Bagnolo Power Srl since 2008. In his role of Chairman of Zignago Power Srl, he has been promoting the realization of a biomass power plant, conceived in compliance with the most advanced technologies aimed at the production of green energy based on renewable sources. He has been the Chairman of Federvini since June 2008. Mr. Marzotto serves as the Chairman of SM Tenimenti Srl. He serves as a Vice Chairman of Kettmeir SpA, New High Glass Inc. and Cantine Torresella Srl. He serves as the Sole Director of Zignago Servizi Srl and a Director of Ca’ del Bosco Srl, Valentino Fashion Group, Hugo Boss AG and of Vetri Speciali SpA. He serves as a Director of Zignago Immobiliare SRL. Mr. Marzotto has been a Member of Supervisory Board of Hugo Boss AG since February 21, 2010. He has been a Non-Executive Director at Zignago Vetro S.p.A. since March 22, 2007 and served as a Director at Banca Popolare Friuladria SpA since March 2007. Mr. Marzotto served as a Director of Marlboro Classics Division since 2003. He served as a Director at H-Farm S.p.A. He served as an Independent Director of Telecom Italia S.p.A. from April 2014 to May 4, 2017. Since 2000, he has focused his activities on the Asian markets and the development of the Valentino Fashion Group SpA in Asia. Since 1997, he has developed a notable degree of experience in the textile and clothing market and in particular in the production, management control and marketing sectors. From 1997 to 2003 he gained experience on the Asian market. His on-site experience covers the whole textile chain, from production to management control and marketing. He is an engaged upholder of the environmental policies, paying a particular attention to the energy issue. Mr. Marzotto graduated in Law in 1995.