Fabrica and Italia Innovation announce their new long-term partnership with the creation of Fabrica Futures, an explorative department that will investigate breakthrough actions to design the future of the Italian economy and society. 

By merging their respective networks and expertise, Fabrica and Italia Innovation will engage local and international stakeholders in the field of global education, business and culture to understand in what areas Italy can make a significant world-impact, and how Fabrica should be configured to lead the change through the major opportunities of the future. 

The new department will be led by two Directors: Marco Mari and Carlotta Borruto. Their shared commitment with Carlo Tunioli, CEO and President of Fabrica, and the leadership of the other three creative departments of Fabrica (Design, Editorial and Social Campaign) will kickstart in the following months the creation of new educational projects, creative platforms and cultural events with the involvement of actors representing the excellence of Italian and global innovation. 

This announcement comes a month after the opening of the application process for the 2017 Italia Innovation Program. So far, more than 250 students from the best universities in the world have already expressed their interest in coming to innovate in Italy. 

Fabrica Futures is working to make this flow of international talents to Italy as substantial, stable and multidisciplinary as possible.


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