While originally founded in Monastier-de-Clermomt, France by René Ramillon and Andrè Vincent in 1952, Moncler is now based in Italy. For over 50 years it has been a leader in highly functional outwear that has served explorers, athletes, and workers. During the 80s with the arrival of Chantal Thomas, Moncler started integrating stylish designs into its collections. Moncler can be seen both on the runway and on expeditions like Michele Pontrandolfo’s 2015-16 solo expedition in Antarctica through its continued commitment to the high tech with the high fashion.

It is Moncler’s choice of innovative fabrics and high quality down that has made it a regular choice for expeditions. For instance, its Doudoune d’Air fabric is made of 7-denier yarn, which is lightweight, high-density nylon. Moncler uses a special weaving technology that makes ultra-light this ultra light textile. This fabric is also finished with a soft acrylic coating, to strengthen its downproofness, so that the feathers don’t escape. Moncler’s coats are also filled with 90% goose down clusters and 10% small feathers, which make them top of the line. To build on the technological innovations, Moncler also has top designers like Giambasttista Valli and Thom Browne designing different lines in order to inject high powered fashion into the Moncler offerings.