Summer Program

Main Location: Vicenza
Dates: 15th June - 13th July 2015

A fully-immersive learning experience where a group of selected undergraduate and graduate students met Italian companies, leaders in the Made in Italy business sectors, to lead the innovation of their business and productive models.
Over the month, participants worked in teams on the resolution of a real innovation challenge and received the mentorship of a unique team of experts and professors, as well as Italian entrepreneurs and business leaders.
Company visits, inspirational talks and hands-on seminars fostered the industry understanding and boosted the project works.

Week 1 - Design Thinking Challenge

During the first week of our Program, students will apply the Design Thinking process to interact with the c-level managers of Italian companies in order to shape together the challenges on which they work during the month. The interaction will be led by world-class design thinkers coming from leading institutions.

Week 2 - Corporate Law and Economics

A unique team of international Corporate Law and Finance experts and professors, lead by Robert J. Jackson Jr., will share their global perspective with the local expertise of Italian managers, in order to analyze the Italian model of Corporate Governance and thus provide the framework in which the solution of the business challenges have to be implemented.

Week 3 - Leading Talks

Inspirational talks held by world-class managers and innovators, and meant for the participants to push their limits and maximise their own potential in solving the business challenges, will boost the development of the project works.

Week 4 - Entrepreneurship Lab

The project works will receive their final shape, combining advanced entrepreneurship education with hands on experiential learning, with the mentorship of the Executive Directors of the world best Design and Entrepreneurship Programs, that will team up under the leadership of Bill Burnett, Executive Director of the Stanford Design Program at the

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