Start-Up Fellowship

Main Location: Fabrica, Treviso
Dates: 5th June - 11th August 2017

We offered to our alumni and all international young professionals with a proven track-record of success within the innovation and creative fields, the opportunity to work on the leadership and management of full iterations of new products, services and business models developed in partnership with Italian leading brands.

The Future of Fashion Origins

Sustainability, craftsmanship and customization rapidly became an imperative in the fashion and clothing sector. The productive chain is now more open, with a transparency driven by consumers' awareness and curiosity, as well as brands with stories to tell. The Italian fashion sector has a deep and multilayered chain of values, where not only the brands but even the suppliers can offer the world unique contents, stories, faces and hands for a new discovery of the fashion origins.

The Food and Wine (slow) and long tail

In 2006, Chris Anderson demonstrated how the future of commerce and culture is not in hits but in what used to be regarded as misses, the endless long tail of niche products in the demand curve. Back in 1986, Carlo Petrini founded Slow Food to fight the fast and junk food wave and to save the food biodiversity in the world. Thanks to this movement lots of small-batches food growers and producers emerged in Italy in the recent years. How can this niche be brought to the world without losing its diversity?