Excellence at Scale

Main Location: Verona
Dates: 3 - 21 June 2019

Three weeks in the heart of Italy, crossing the places and stories of manufacturing entrepreneurs that every day strive to offer the world the best products in their industries.
This is Excellence at Scale, an innovation program led by Riccardo Illy - revolutionary food entrepreneur and civil servant who has built the curriculum around the learnings and the dreams of his lifelong entrepreneurial experience featured by an uncompromised quest for quality and beauty.
Starting from Mr. Illy’s principles for disruptive quality, this program will offer an original framework to understand how leading Italian brands in the fields of food, wine, industrial design, textile and fashion have been able to sustain superior quality while growing into global icons.

The program will bridge theory and practice for a selected group of multidisciplinary international students through access to companies, real projects and conversations with Italian managers and entrepreneurs.
Participants will also be lectured by Hermann Simon, one of the world’s most influential management thinkers and a pioneer researcher in the fields of strategy, marketing and pricing, Marina Puricelli, Professor of Leadership Organization and Human Resources at Bocconi University and John Bruce, Professor of Strategic Design and Management at Parsons School of Design, who will lead strategic design activities to transform the program learnings into action through real project work curated by Italia Innovation.


The program activities are hosted at the Italia Innovation Studio in downtown Verona, as well as inside the partner companies’ headquarters. Nationwide transportation to the companies sites is arranged and covered by the organization.


Participants should arrange their own accommodations in downtown Verona.
To help this process, we put selected participants in touch a few months before the program starts in case they want to share a place with a fellow.

In case you need assistance with the lodging research, Italia Innovation also suggests three different types of accommodations that can fit different budgets and preferences. If a participant plans to stay in one of the Italia Innovation options, he/she needs to confirm the option by March 15th and will pay the hotel directly.

Occasional overnight stays may be required in the days of company visits and they will be directly arranged and covered by Italia Innovation.

Costs and Financial Aid

Tuition Fee
The tuition fee for the program amounts to 3.250 EUR.
The amount covers academic activities, program operations and VAT.

Financial Aid - Italia Innovation Founders Fund
Your financial circumstances should not keep you from any learning opportunity.
We are committed to providing financial assistance to those who demonstrate need and applying for financial aid will not hinder your application.
Our scholarships are based entirely on need and are provided by the founders of Italia Innovation.

Financial Aid - External Resources
In addition to the Italia Innovation Founders Fund, students can apply to funding sources outside our organization, including scholarships provided by Universities for studying abroad or for experiential learning. In addition, there are different types of external funds that provide support to students in need.

When to Apply for Financial Aid
We are committed to making our financial aid application as streamlined as possible.
You will find a section dedicated to scholarship needs in the application form for the program admission, so you should apply for aid at the same time you apply for admission. Your financial aid application will in no way jeopardize your chances of admission.


Program Enrollment and Financial Aid Deadlines
1st February 2019 - Early Application Deadline
1st March 2019 - Regular Application Deadline