Acquerello is the Carnaroli rice grown and packed at the historical Tenuta Torrone della Colombara in Livorno Ferraris situated in the province of Vercelli, the heart of the Italian rice growing area. The Rondolino family has grown rice here since 1935. It was the first rice producer in the Western world to adopt the two thousand-year-old Asian tradition of aged rice.
In 1991, Piero Rondolino founded Acquerello when he decided to set up a short supply chain with cultivation, production, and direct-to-consumer sales. Through the years, Acquerello has developed its processing technologies by mixing traditional and modern best practices.
Since 1991, sales have increased on average by 20% per year. Present in 59 countries, 55% of the product is sold abroad almost exclusively to restaurants and 45% is sold in Italy to small shops and restaurants.

Why Acquerello
Piero Rondolino is an example of an entrepreneur who turned a simple agricultural commodity into a gourmet experience. By focusing only on Carnaroli rice, the best variety, and by mixing traditional processing methods with the most modern technologies, Acquerello introduced a superior quality standard in the rice market.
Owning the entire supply chain is not common in the industry, but gives Acquerello the ability to implement a demanding 20-step processing to enhance the quality of its agricultural product. The processing includes aging the grains to stabilize the starches and intensify the flavor.
It is the only company that still uses the traditional 19th-century husking method, which leaves each grain perfectly intact for a perfect texture. Also, in 2007 Acquerello invented a process to restore the germ into the white rice in order to preserve the most important nutritional qualities, otherwise found only in wholegrain rice. Gaining the patent in 2012, Acquerello is the only rice producer with this capability to combine the perfect taste of white rice with the most precious nutritional values of wholegrain rice.
Acquerello is not simply rice, just as a Rolls Royce is not simply a car. The Rondolino family shows that with dedication and passion for one thing, even as ordinary as rice, you can create something extraordinarily beautiful. As a testament to its excellence, top chefs around the world choose Acquerello, including Alain Ducasse, Massimo Bottura, and Curtis Stone.

Signature Product: Acquerello Rice Aged 7 Years
While only 1% of Acquerello’s rice reserve ages for 7 years, it’s the utmost expression of its excellence. After 7 years of aging, the rice’s starch becomes perfectly stabilized. Each grain has an incomparable capacity to absorb sauces, becoming filled with flavors while remaining al dente. Acquerello packages the rice in its signature vacuum-sealed tin container that preserves the quality.