Barilla S.p.A is an iconic Italian family-owned food company that produces pasta and ready-to-use-sauces. Founded in 1877 by Pietro Barilla in Parma, Italy, Barilla transformed as a small bread and pasta shop to the world’s largest pasta producer through its innovations in production, nutrition, and advertising. Still family run, Barilla is present in 100 different countries worldwide and owns other food brands such as Gran Cereale, Mulino Bianco, Pan Stelle, Pavesi, and others. Barilla is the number one in the pasta market of Italy, USA, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium, and Sweden. With all its endeavors, innovation is at the center of Barilla. In 2004 it opened the Academia Barilla to promote and protect Italian cuisine and in 2009 it started the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition which is a think tank stimulating debate in order to solve nutritional problems. Everyday Barilla works to be the most reputable Italian food company worldwide by promoting wholesome and joyful food habits inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Barilla Group has become a global symbol of Italian know-how, with its expertise in taste, quality, and nutrition. Because Barilla’s products are made from simple raw materials, Barilla has taken an exceptional control throughout its supply chain in order to ensure quality. After 140 years, Barilla has developed first an understanding of the Italian lifestyle and changing needs, and then those of the people around the world in order to offer quality and convenient food products.