Benetton is a fashion company that makes a global impact by paying just as much attention to the quality of its garments as to its effect on the environment, human dignity, and society. Its colorful garments, democratic prices, and social-themed advertising has led it to be known as a radical brand. Today, the company has 5,000 stores in 120 countries.

United Colors of Benetton understands how to make clothes for humans by making quality fashions that drive individuals to respect the diversity and the environment around them. Quality colorful knitwear make up its DNA. While the excellence relies heavily on the best selected yarns, Benetton has also continually improved the sweater creation process in order to bring to life extraordinary knitwear.

Benetton also is legendary for its powerful, controversial advertising and communication campaigns that put spotlights on social issues. They were mavericks in advertising by choosing not to display their products, but only messages about civil, social, and political issues. With Oliviero Toscani as creative director, Benetton created powerful visual messages regarding such themes as racism, youth unemployment, world hunger, and others. This allowed Benetton to create a lasting dialogue on a global scale.