Founded by Giovanni and Lorenzo Bonotto, Bonotto draws from the best materials to combine them in infinite ways, offering extra-ordinary objects, where the fabric creates an absolutely unexpected world. The offshoot researches innovative experiences of textiles in various fields such as fashion, art, and design. Each object is a platform where the love for excellence, craftsmanship, and know-how come together in a modern context. With two hundred masters of art, Bonotto has continued to operate as a “Slow Factory” that rejects industrial mass production and champions luxury craftsmanship. Bonotto is a fabric publisher, in the sense that the focal point of all experimentation and design choices articulate the exceptional textiles that the Slow Factory creates.

Bonotto’s key strength is its mode of operating with technology and tradition—the luxury of hand-made works and the savoir-faire that expresses the intrinsic Italian heritage. The quality of a fabric goes back to being synonymous with the length of time it takes to make it. Bonotto fabrics, like those of the past, are long-lasting precious and come from a different and more natural relationship between man and machine. Bonotto, offers the same know-how of quality craftsmanship and innovation, without any limits of restraint. Whether a garment or interior design item, the objects highlight the artisanal expertise and beauty that is Bonotto.