De’Longhi started as a small electrical parts manufacturer and became a world leader in household machine production. De’Longhi has become a major producer of portable heaters, air conditioners, and other small domestic appliances such as coffee machines and irons. In 2001 De’Longhi incorporated both Ariete and Kenwood to secure its spot as the top manufacturer of kitchen machines. Today, De’Longhi Group is present in 33 countries with direct commercial subsidiaries and sells its product to countries all over the world. De’Longhi’s mission is that its machines make people happier and more fulfilled by providing innovative solutions to their domestic needs.

De’Longhi has cultivated machine manufacturing expertise over the past 100 years. De’Longhi products are known for the reliability, durability, and performance. Their design range from the simple to cutting edge. By always striving to create better products and being passionate about achieving, De’Longhi’s continually provides innovative machines to the modern household.