The story of Domori begins with a dream: to go to the soul of chocolate by sourcing the raw materials, the cocoa beans, from where the chocolate industry had never been. In fact, Domori is the first chocolate company in the world to process only high-quality cocoa, also known as aromatic cocoa. In processing the aromatic cocoa, the presence of the human touch has an equal importance to the quality of the raw material.

Domori’s offering is based around the Criollo bean, heirloom variety of cacao that has a unique creaminess, unlike the other common astringent cocoa beans. However, over time, the cultivation of this variety was gradually abandoned because of its low yield, and thus, it was almost lost. Today, this rare variety of cacao represents only 0.001% of all the cacao produced in the world. Through the Criollo Project, Domori has recovered this precious variety of cacao and simultaneously created the largest plantation of its kind in the world, which is located in Venezuela. This is a project and a magnificent obsession that aims at involving all the stakeholders of its world: the farmers, the production experts, the distribution network, the media, and consumers.

Domori is a bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturer. This means that Domori processes, roasts, grinds, and conches the raw cocoa beans in its own production facilities. For years the company has established itself in the gourmet world, receiving international acclaim for the quality and purity of its product, but also for its status as a standard in chocolate tasting.

Only the careful and expert hands of Domori craftsman are able to ensure that the diversity of cocoa aromas are maintained and enhanced in the final chocolate. Domori’s passion is to go where no one has ever been with chocolate by rescuing the pure essence of the noble cocoa.
Domori’s botanical and process innovation has led it to create disruptive quality. This very special quality not only depends on the excellence of its cacao beans but also its ability to lightly process them. From its beginning, Domori has been scientifically committed to cultivating the rarest of cacao close to extinction by collaborating with the Hacienda San José Valley.

In order to create chocolate with the highest possible aroma profile, Domori has created a gentle approach in processing its aromatic cocoa. Domori roasts the cocoa beans at 120˚C instead of 150˚C like other chocolate makers. Also, Domori has made improvements during the conching phase, a process required for the emulsion and the lowering of the acidity of cocoa. Instead of mixing and shuffling the cocoa for 72 hours at 80˚C, Domori does so in 5 hours at 50˚C. This is only possible with Domori’s fine selected cocoa, which requires less processing. Coherently with illy Group’s ethics, sustainability, and quality best practices, Domori directly manages plantations and has close relationships with other to oversee growing and working standards to offer fine cacao enhanced by the work of growers. According to George Bernardini’s Chocolate- The Reference Standard, by selecting the best and process the least, Domori became the yardstick for all things dark chocolate.