Frescobaldi is a prominent noble family that operates in the production of wine and olive oil.
The history of the family starts more than a thousand years ago and is closely connected with the history of Tuscany.
Frescobaldi started producing wine in 1308, soon becoming well known among famous clients of the Italian Renaissance. Curiously, an ancient document attests an exchange between the family and Michelangelo Buonarroti, with the famous Italian artist trading some of his artwork for Frescobaldi’s wine.
Today, the family owns several estates all over the region, where vineyards and olive groves testify the company’s commitment towards biodiversity.
Frescobaldi’s properties include also historical buildings as the Pomino and Nipozzano castles.

Frescobaldi Group is composed of six different brands, each one with an autonomous identity and a different story.
The historical Frescobaldi brand is also the first in terms of revenue, and it includes a very heterogeneous range of wines.
Luce and Danzante are the result of a joint venture between Frescobaldi and the famous Californian winemaker Robert Mondavi. These two brands are strongly oriented to the international markets.
Also Ornellaia was part of the same project, and Frescobaldi acquired full control of all the three brands after the acquisition of Mondavi by Constellation Brands in 2004. Masseto, which originally was part of the Ornellaia estate, is now an autonomous brand and represents one of the most desired red wines in the world.
Attems, a winery in Friuli Venezia-Giulia, was acquired by Frescobaldi back in 2000.

Among the brands of the Frescobaldi Group, the one carrying the family surname is the most connected to the history of the dynasty and to its legacy.
Frescobaldi brand represents an ecosystem of seven different estates surrounding the area of Florence and more broadly, Tuscany.
In the area surrounding the cities of Siena and Florence, Frescobaldi has vineyards in Nipozzano, Pomino, Remole, Montespertoli and Gaiole in Chianti. Moving southern, other estates are located in Montalcino and Magliano.
In many of its estates, particularly in those around Florence, Frescobaldi also grows olive trees, producing an extraordinary olive oil marked as Laudemio Frescobaldi. Founded by Frescobaldi, Laudemio is a consortium of premium olive oil producers from Tuscany.
Frescobaldi has also invested in some special projects.
Working with the Gorgona island’s penal institution, the family has created a white wine named after the island. Prisoners works shoulder to shoulder with the company’s agronomists and oenologists, in a way to facilitate the reintegration into society.
Also, Frescobaldi has opened two restaurants, in Florence and London, and in 2012 launched the Artisti per Frescobaldi award, in which three contemporary artists are challenged to create an artwork inspired after the Castelgiocondo estate.