Italia Independent

Italia Independent is a creative and stylish brand that blends design, tradition, and innovation. Wile operating mainly in the eyewear field, it also produces lifestyle products made in collaboration with international brands. Its product line began with the first glasses entirely made of carbon fiber. Italia Independent has continually been able to create eyewear made of innovative materials and finishings.

Italia Independent has become distinct by continually looking at different worlds for inspiration, production, and innovative finishing techniques for all its products. After its first pair of glasses made entirely out of carbon fiber, Italia Independent has continued its intense research to use innovative materials and finishing effects for its products. For instance, the velvet effect glasses uses a surface treatment used in the automotive industry. Italia Independent adopted this technique to create the first pair of glassed with a velvet finish. This know-how has led to several collaborations including Smeg, Adidas, Hublot, Ducati, Alfa Romeo, and many others.