Levoni is a family-owned business that produces a large assortment of deli-meats.
Its history starts in 1911 when the founder, Ezechiello Levoni, opened his own small factory in the outskirts of Milan. Two years after, the entrepreneur won a gold medal for his own interpretation of Hungarian salami at the international Modern arts and industry exhibition in London. This unexpected victory became the symbolic starting point for the successful growth of the brand with the winged piglet.

As the business kept growing, in 1976 the Levoni family decided to open an abattoir (slaughterhouse), Mec Carni, with the aim of gaining direct control over the selection and processing of the meat.
Later, in the 1990s, the company opened its two ham factories: one for prosciutto di Parma DOP and the other for prosciutto San Daniele DOP.

Levoni is currently positioned as a premium brand in trendsetting retailers all around the world, especially in Asian luxury hotels and restaurants. In 2016 the family launched the “All Made in Italy” brand, meaning that all the meats are made from pigs born and bred in Italy. This approach is certified in compliance with the reference standard for Traceability Systems in Agri-food Companies.


The high standards in quality is reached thanks to the long production chain, which is characterized by advanced genetic studies, strict selection of ingredients and the respect of a slow process that follows natural rhythms. For Levoni, innovation means finding the convergence point between the guarantees and safety standards of industrial systems with the accuracy of a typical artisanal process. As Daria Levoni (responsible for the R&D department) says, this objective strictly depends on the raw material. For this, it is crucial for the company to establish a selected network of “partners” suppliers that share the same values.

Not only upstream activities are important to be controlled, but also the downstream ones, especially referring to the distribution channels. These must be consistent and not loose the additional value that Levoni crafts with its products.

Recently, Levoni built up a partnership with Renato Bosco, an Italian chef renowned for his pizza. They created many recipes that bring together the 300 types of Levoni’s deli meats with the expertise in leavened dough of Mr. Bosco and his different types of bread, pizza and focaccia. The two brands result to be perfectly aligned on the attention to local produced raw materials, seasonality and continuous innovation.