Mitaca was founded in 2010 as a joint venture between illycaffé and Itaca to create the best coffee capsule and machines for offices. Mitaca offers espresso systems designed for offices, complemented by a range of accessories that bring the best of illy to the workplace.  

Mitaca creates impeccable coffee break experiences by paying attention to all the details—from the machine maintenance and service to the designer cups and spoons. Each machine is a result of a long design, research, and innovation process. Through patents, Mitaca coffee stations easily produce the perfect espresso. The capsule is produced with an innovative and patented technology that pre-cuts the bottom’s middle area; this incision opens when the right internal pressure is reached, ensuring complete infusion of all the coffee contained. This solution, complemented by the perfect ground, dosage and coffee pressing, guarantees an excellent espresso coffee with a dense and persistent cream.