For over two centuries, Nardini has been dedicated to its local territory, Bassano del Grappa by distilling and sharing the best grappa with Italy and the world. Today, it is Italy’s oldest distillery and a member of “Les Henokiens,” a prestigious international association of bicentenary family-run firms. Nardini has always had a unique point of view, looking simultaneously to its history and to the future. Its endless dedication to innovating the traditional grappa production through its steam distillation process has made it a representation of Italian quality.

Nardini makes sure the Italian tradition of grappa gets handed down all over the world by collaborating with world-famous mixologists to create cocktails that perfectly balance the different flavors. Also, together with seven of Italy’s most prominent family-run distilleries and liqueur makers – Amaro Lucano, Cocchi, Distilleria Varnelli, Distillerie Moccia, Luxardo, Pallini, and Toschi – Nardini established “The Spirit of Italy,” a venture to promote Italian quality abroad. “The Spirit of Italy” stands for culture, lifestyle, and research and brings the culture of taste and a new interpretation of tradition to the export market.

For seven generations, the Nardini family has passed down the tradition of premium grappa distillation while continually innovating upon it. The ability to bring these original methods in into modern production has made Nardini a company synonymous with Italian excellence.

The quality of Nardini grappas starts with the selection of the pomace. Nardini selects pomace primarily from the red grape varietals traditionally grown in the foothills of Veneto and Friuli, characterized by an intense, complex bouquet. Nardini makes sure that the pomace arrives from the wineries within 24 hours of vinification, then stores it in the total absence of air or any additives like yeast. The trademark of Nardini is its steam distillation method, in which there is a discontinuous vacuum-sealed system in Bassano del Grappa and then a continuous flow column procedure in Monastier. This extracts the heart of the grappa, full of harmonious and subtle flavors. The various aging periods creates a full range of grappas and spirits.

Nardini’s quality assurance is carried out in a laboratory by a panel of experts and the Nardini family itself. This in-house monitoring of the entire production cycle guarantees that every bottle expresses excellence.