Riva 1920


Riva 1920 is a company specialized in the production of design furniture in solid wood. As the name recalls, the history of this company started in 1920, as a small family-run artisan workshop in the Brianza area of Lombardy.

In the 1990s the company saw fundamental changes. Following a visit to New York, Maurizio Riva started being influenced by this culture in the creation of new models and collections. Also, he adopted north American reforestation timber. In the same years the company had the necessity to innovate and industrialize the production process, always committing to reach the highest quality and to use natural glues, waxes and oils.

Lately, the family was able to establish important collaborations with international designers and architects aiming at moving towards a sustainable approach. Today, the company counts more than 100 working relationships all connected by the value of producing “with honesty in order to hand down our furniture to future generations, constructing articles that defy time and fully respect our surroundings,” as stated in the company’s mission.


The quality of Riva 1920 can be seen in every step of the production process starting from the selection of the raw materials: the choice of the most prestigious wood is combined with a great respect for the environment.
Indeed, the wood is derived from reforestation areas or from recycled wood as for example the re-use of the so-called Briccole, characterizing the Venice lagoon, or the recycle of the Millenial Kauri trees which are more than 50.000 years old and 70 meters length.

The collaboration with international architects and designers such as Mario Botta, David Chipperfield, Renzo Piano, Jacques Herzog and Michele De Lucchi ensures unique shapes; moreover, every product assumes an exclusive allure thanks to the material used but also to the attention given to the specific requests of each customer.

The Riva Center was inaugurated in 2010 built on Renzo Piano’s project which hosts not only the showroom but also a museum with more than 5,000 pieces of machines and tools for the wood processing.

Riva 1920 is involved in several cultural projects and social initiatives, such as creative competitions for young designers and architects or the project to salvage the disused barrel wood from the Community of San Patrignano.