In 1995 Giuseppe Bertone, a longtime real estate entrepreneur, decided to differentiate his business by investing in the water industry. Together with his son Alberto, they drove to Sant’Anna di Vinadio, a small town surrounded by the Alps in Northwestern Italy, looking for a pure, uncontaminated source of water.
That is how they discovered the Sant’Anna source and after tasting the water they immediately decided to start the business. The year after, Alberto and Giuseppe established Fonti di Vinadio and created the bottling facility.
The entire team was completely new to the industry, which did not help in moving the first steps. But in the years following, as stated by Giuseppe Bertone, it was exactly that ingenuity, that open-minded approach typical of newcomers that fostered the development of the company. No one inside the company had a conservative attitude to put down innovation and try to keep doing things as always — simply because no one knew what the dynamics of the industry were before.
In this view, innovation has always led the way for the company’s growth, as the automatization of all the production lines and the usage of robots to pack, stock and ship the products testify. Over the years, the company started producing and selling different products, such as tea and fruit juices.


Sant’Anna’s research laboratories, in collaboration with the technology company NatureWorks, have developed the Bio Bottle, an innovative 100% biodegradable and compostable bottle. The bottle is the first of its kind in Italy and represents the first 1.5 liter biodegradable bottle in the global mass market.

The Bio Bottle, available both in 1.5 and 1 liter formats, is entirely made of PLA, a special polymer obtained from the fermentation of sugars contained in plants. Not a single drop of petroleum is used in the production process of the bottle. After removing the cap and the label, if correctly sorted in the organic trash bin the bottle simply returns to being part of nature in just 80 days.

Despite a shorter shelf life, it is scientifically demonstrated that the bioplastic of Bio Bottle protects and preserves the sensory properties and the quality of Sant’Anna water.