Santex Rimar Group

Santex Rimar Group is a global leader in machine manufacturing, with a deep expertise on the many different processes and techniques employed in the textile industry. The group is a conglomerate of different brands and factories, each of which with a different specialization on a specific business area.
While the incorporation of the whole group is pretty recent— Santex Group was officially created in 2000 and then renamed into Santex Rimar Group in 2015—the stories of the singles brands are quite old and different.
For example, Smit, a renowned manufacturer of weaving machines both for traditional and technical textiles, has been the last company to join the group in 2016. However, it is also the oldest among the brands, tracing its origins back in 1938 as part of the ancient wool mill Lanerossi.
Today, the Santex Rimar Group is a large group that blends together the Swiss tradition of Santex, a leader in professional machines for knitted fabrics, and Rimar, originally conceived as a dedicated research center by Giannino Marzotto for the family’s textile group.