Vodafone Italia


Vodafone Italia is a telecommunication company that operates in Italy as part of the British Vodafone Group.

Vodafone Italia was born from an idea of entrepreneurs Carlo De Benedetti and Elserino Piol, both formerly working for Olivetti, the famous Italian typewriters and computers manufacturer.
Founded in 1995, the company was initially named Omnitel Pronto Italia and it was the first existing alternative to the Italian monopoly in this industry. Omnitel then joined multinational Vodafone Group in 2001, becoming Vodafone Italia in 2003.

In Italy, it currently accounts for a 30% market share for mobile phone services and a 12% market share for fixed-line services.
In 2017, the company has made large investments to bring the 4.5G in 10 Italian cities and to test the 5G in Milan. It also launched “V by Vodafone” the first company project to enter in the IoT consumer market.


One of Vodafone Italy’s main strengths concerns the continuous improvements made to offer its customers a highly performant mobile or fixed-line connection. Over the last two years, the company has invested around 3.6 billion euros for the development of the ultra-broadband.

As of today, Vodafone has launched the 4.5G mobile network up to 800 Mbps in the 10 cities, while the 4G connection covers 97.2% of the Italian population in more than 6,900 municipalities.
Vodafone has also announced the 5G coverage of 3 large Italian cities by 2020.

As for fixed-line connectivity, fiber services are available in 970 Italian cities.
First in Italy, Vodafone launched the 1 Gigabit per second fiber connection in 8 cities, through the partnership with Open Fiber. This service, now available for around 12.4 million people, will soon be extended to over 250 cities.