2017 Short

Directed by Francesca Molteni, the 2017 Summer Programs short reports directly from the voices of students, professors and managers what it is like to spend a summer innovating Italian companies.

Winter Programs

Corporate Entrepreneurship

Through a general business and design curriculum, selected undergraduate and graduate students meet Italian companies, leaders in the Made in Italy business sectors.
Over the program, participants work in teams on the resolution of a real innovation challenge. Company visits, inspirational talks and hands-on seminars foster the industry understanding and boost the project works.

Upcoming Application Deadlines

October 15Winter Program Early Application Deadline
November 15Winter Program Regular Application Deadline

Summer Programs

Digital Manufacturing Ventures

Digital is the language of contemporary innovation, and deeper communication with users makes high-quality not enough to compete.
Boosting lean manufacturing with design thinking, and equipping both students and project partners with ultimate data science, this program aims at introducing the next wave of Italian digital-based manufacturing ventures.

Disruptive Quality Innovation

Transparency and customization rapidly became an imperative in the manufacturing industry. The productive chain is now more open, with a transparency driven by consumers' awareness and curiosity, as well as brands with stories to tell. The Italian manufacturing sector has a deep and multilayered chain of values, where not only the brands but even the suppliers can offer the world unique stories, faces and hands for a new discovery of its origins.

Design Culture for Society

A land of innovators and entrepreneurs for centuries, Italy has a natural edge on managing complexity.
The presence of world-renowned architecture, design and infrastructure firms, plugged into an highly diversified pattern of manufacturing clusters makes Italy a nationwide studio to design the future of societies. This program aims at leveraging the Italian design culture to tackle social challenges.

Responsible Innovation

Milton Friedman's shareholder myth is challenged again.
The flourishing wave of Benefit Corporation, led by role models like Patagonia, is inspiring change both in the start-up and corporate business development culture. With this program, Italy and its companies offer themselves as a playground, where world-class best practices are thought and designed to produce new standards of value creation.