Jolts of entrepreneurship 

We truly believe that Italy can be the place to design the future of its iconic industries. 
Our tradition of high-end manufacturing comes from a deeply ingrained passion and culture for details. We are strongly committed to host and support anyone in the world who is building on these foundations. 
Founders, outsiders, fighters and true believers: our programs can be your gateway to the Italian culture of building things.

What we offer

- Admission to our programs as a team
- Tailor-made mentorship programs with our academic and business community
- Access to our cluster of Italian industry partners
- Team integration with international fellows
- Funding and Operational Support

What we ask

- Run product development in Italy for the period of the partnership
- A negotiable option to enter into the start-up capital

2017 Fellowship Projects

The Grain Foods Company

The Grain Foods Company is a pasta maker and a bakery, which leverages lean start-up and design thinking methodologies to create customer-centric and big data based revolutionary grain products.

Rossi & Rei

Rossi & Rei is a marketplace for luxury essentials that can be customized and pre-ordered from the best Italian artisans.


Söm is a platform to increase the engagement of novice wine drinkers, by demystifying the complicated world of wine and making wine education experiential and digestible.