Put yourself in the Italian entrepreneur shoes!

Program Description
Through a general business and design curriculum, selected undergraduate and graduate students will meet Italian companies that are leaders in the Made in Italy business sectors.
During the program, participants will be assigned an entrepreneurial case study, which will be approached through site visits, inspirational talks with founders and c-level managers and hands-on creative seminars to come up with innovative propositions.
What will I learn?
The Italia Innovation Winter Program will give you insight into how Italians, who have a keen understanding of the relationship between people, complexity, history, design and aesthetic, approach innovation. Your Italia Innovation mentors will guide you through methods to discover new ways of leveraging opportunities within the cultural framework of a leading Italian business. 

How will I learn?
You will engage with Italian managers and entrepreneurs and get an insight on the companies’ value creation by visiting their HQ and production facilities. These companies will present their case studies and you will team up with other peers to develop a user-centered vision for the future of those companies applying methods you will learn from the Italia Innovation mentors. 
Week 1 - The Journey
With Elizabeth Segran, journalist at Fast Company, the students will visit HQs and production sites of the 4 Italian companies selected for the case studies.
During the visits, the students will meet with founders and c-level managers in order to understand the mission and value proposition of those companies.
Elizabeth will lead the conversation, bringing her global view on consumer goods emerging trends and pointing towards the companies’ future challenges.
Week 2 - User Behavior Observation and Findings
Students will investigate the social purpose of the companies from the eyes of customers.
Thanks to real-life observations and fast prototyping exercises, the students will team up under the leadership of Francesca Sarti, Arabeschi di Latte's Founder, to elaborate innovative solutions to evolve the companies' vision, through low-fi examples of future products and services.
Findings will be drawn up following The Economist Style Guidelines for clear writing and thinking, during the closing workshop led by Alexandra Fattal, Italian Correspondent for The Economist.