Conversational Company

Modeling open fast prototyping with the world’s largest pasta maker.

In collaboration with Stanford University, we jointly funded a fellowship to involve their students in a 2-month research project to design an innovative product development process for Barilla based on fast prototyping with a combination of design thinking and Sprint methodologies, as well as the adoption of predictive analytics tools.

To implement these methodologies on the specific project, we collaborated directly with the executive director of the Stanford Design program, Bill Burnett, who mentored the fellows, and with Google Venture’s Jake Knapp, the creator of the design spring process, who also led a seminar at the company for the management team.

The team run a series of activities including ethnographic research, user interviews, and data scraping, and collaborated closely with Barilla’s R&D department to co-create small batch of products (biscuits and pasta) to test on real customers.

We developed a brand identity to experiment more freely and get customer feedbacks on the product ideas.