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Italia Innovation Winter Program

Dates: 8th January to 19th January 2018

Put yourself in the Italian entrepreneur shoes! 
Join us for a unique entrepreneurial journey through the Italian industries this winter.
Spend two weeks taking an in-depth look into selected Italian companies leaders in the Made in Italy business sectors and develop a user-centered vision for the future of those companies and their industries, guided by Elizabeth Segran from Fast Company, Francesca Sarti from Arabeschi di Latte and Alexandra Fattal from The Economist.
We really believe in innovating the Italian economy. Do you?

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2017 Short Movie

Directed by Francesca Molteni, the 2017 Summer Programs short reports directly from the voices of students, professors and managers what it is like to spend a summer innovating Italian companies.

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Brands, Be Humble

Brands, Be Humble. Why humility is becoming ever more important for brand growth

Everlane is doing the unthinkable. No, they did not just invent how to instantly deliver clothing to your doorstep or any other retail dream you might have. The big news is that the online purveyor of ethically made clothing has opened its first retail store in New York on December 2nd.

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Innovate or Buy?

Innovate or Buy? How M&A are shaping corporate innovation

It seems like every time you turn around, that cool brand you just discovered or that small, hip company you’ve prided yourself on buying for the past few years is being bought up by big corporate conglomerates. The recent one added to the list is Blue Bottle Coffee, which Nestlé just purchased for around $500 million.

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The Retail Comeback

The Retail Comeback: socialization, product education and entertainment are generating the new wave

It’s an exciting time for retail. This may not be the obvious conclusion after looking at headlines like “Retail Apocalypse” or reading figures saying 8,600 stores will have closed by the end of 2017. It’s important to distinguish that it’s not a great time for retail, in fact it may be at its lowest point ever. However, while physical retail stores haven’t been doing their best, they are at a revolutionary juncture where they get to redefine what they can be and the sky is the limit.

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Reliable sustainability

Reliable Sustainability: new trends in transparency of sourcing schemes

“Transparency is the primary contemporary value.” This declaration comes from The Responsible Corporation by Yvon Chouinard and Vincent Stanley, who through their work with Patagonia became pioneers in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). More and more, their statement gets backed up by data and studies. With today’s socially-savvy shopper, sustainability is no longer just a trend, but a necessity for brands to thrive. However, when so many companies are tooting their horns about the good they are doing with CSR, how is it possible to figure out who is undertaking what they say they are?

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From Made in Italy to Made by Italy

We want to open Italy to the world, to shift the focus from the place where we make to the reason why we make. 
Italia Innovation sets itself at the center of the conversation around the role of a young global generation of creatives and entrepreneurs in shaping the future of our economy and society. Italia Innovation is a meeting point for the agents of the future: the place for change.

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Italia Innovation'16 alumna launches a cashmere start-up

14th October 2017

Announcing Fabrica Futures

1st March 2017