una nuova stagione.

Debates and Projects for the future of Valdagno, Italy

An open and participatory platform to co-design the future of a community

With an highly-educated population of 26,000 inhabitants, Valdagno is an Italian milltown located in the middle of a valley, surrounded by woods and close to the Dolomitic Alps.

During the 19th and the 20th century, it has been the epicenter of an industrial economic development, thanks to the local establishment of the Marzotto wool mill.

Today, Valdagno is looking for a new season of social and economic development, that again might be enabled by the opportunities of its nature.

2,600 woodland hectares: Valdagno is covered for more than half of its territory by woods.

A program of thoughts and actions

‘una nuova stagione’ has a program of meetings open to citizens to share and compare the best experiences of economic and social development with the characteristics of the local territory.

The schedule of activities is accompanied by a series of communication and publishing activities aimed at transforming the discussed ideas into projects.

Up/Left: call to action posters to invite the local citizenship at open debates.
Down/Right: the project website with deep-dive articles on innovative ideas, maps and polls.