Criollo Society

Enhancing consciousness on pure cocoa based productions.

Pushing the boundaries of bean to bar chocolate makers.

We worked with Domori, a pioneer in the bean to bar chocolate sector, to strengthen the company’s thought leadership in the fine chocolate market, improve the customer relationship management, fine-tune the brand positioning and expand the business development strategy in the US market.

We built an in-house e-commerce platform and set up the logistic operations to allow the company to regain control over its communication strategy, as well as its transactions and customer data.

We collaborated closely with Domori’s R&D and marketing teams to run a series of activities including to launch a limited edition of single origin criollo bars, to test the pure hot chocolate preparation process with customers, and to develop a short gelato recipe for a single origin chocolate popsicle which we launched in Seattle at the Northwest Chocolate Festival, the leading artisan chocolate fair in the US.

We have been in charge of the creative direction of the company and worked on all the brand touchpoints to highlight the intrinsic qualities of the product, redesigning the website, the catalogues, the packaging, the social media strategy and the materials for fairs and events.

We directly managed the company’s business development in the US, developing strategic partnerships with giant retailers like Amazon and finding the appropriate niche retail partners for the company positioning. We also created an exclusive opportunity for the company to sell its chocolate at the newly opened Apple Visitor Center in Cupertino.