How we created a genuine Panettone value chain in the US Pacific Coast.

A hyperlocal and farm to table prototyping batch.

Based on the research we have been conducting in Italia and California on the resurgence of food and bakery as fine agricultural products, panettone. is a product that has been designed and engineered to bridge the best of the Italian artisanal baking heritage with the excellence in quality and sustainability of Californian raw materials.

We produced a prototyping batch of 250 Panettone, curating the process from farm to table, with the goal to offer an authentic local interpretation of this Italian food icon.

The recipe, refined and executed by the craftsman leadership of the Italian master bakers Davide Longoni, Mauro Iannantuoni and Matteo Piffer, reckoned on the exclusive usage of exceptional West Coast raw materials like Cairnspring Mills flour, Straus Family Creamery butter, Clover Sonoma eggs, and primary ingredients such as fresh fruit, cane sugar and nuts selected by Sam Mogannam of Bi-Rite Market, a B-Corp certified food retailer based in San Francisco.

Special features to the product have been made possible thanks to the confectioner Micheal Recchiuti, who crafted candied peels of Californian organic oranges and lemons, Dandelion Chocolate and Verve Coffee Roasters.

The packaging and the whole product experience have been designed in collaboration with Arabeschi di Latte, among the most celebrated food design studios in Europe.
The production has been made possible thanks to KitchenTown, in San Mateo, CA: a food incubator that provides food startups a product development lab and commercial-scale production facilities.