illycaffè is the world reference for coffee culture and excellence. It is a company innovating to create and offer the finest products throughout the world’s best destinations while demonstrating its character as the leader in the premium coffee segment. Art and science of espresso are at the center of all illycaffè ventures. The company has constructed a world of intelligence, experience, taste, science, and art around the pleasure of a perfect cup of coffee. The illy offer also includes preparation machines, designer cups, and accessories. The business extends to illycaffè, authentic Italian cafes, and an international network of skilled baristas carrying the title of Artisti del Gusto.

illycaffè’s strategy focuses on consistently providing the highest quality coffee experience through its beans, technological innovation, and education. In order to maintain this standard in the cup, illycaffè has taken control of the quality machines and the people transforming the raw materials. This ensures that it’s not just the coffee that is perfect, but also the entire experience surrounding it.

The highest quality coffee starts with the beans, which illy purchases directly from growers and tests with a special computer inspection system. illycaffè is also able to continually improve its excellence through inventing new technologies like the pressurized packaging or single serving coffee preparations. Then, to maintain a culture of quality illycaffè makes special efforts to educate people about coffee preparation through its Università di Cafè where it teaches everything from plantation organization for farmers to coffee tastings for connoisseurs.